Oblikon film festival was born in the desire to create a welcoming space for short filmmakers to display their creativity, to tell their story, challenge and inspire the audience by revealing fresh ideas and talent.

We believe that cinematic innovation often start in the short form which represent the perfect way to experiment, display boldness, and create impact. We want to put the spotlight on unusual shorts and web series that demonstrates the talent and personal universe of emerging or experienced filmmakers.

The event is run by a team of movie enthusiasts committed to promoting cinema for over a decade, regardless of the genre, style and budget.

Cinema resembles so many other arts. If cinema has very literary characteristics, it also has theatrical qualities, a philosophical side, attributes of painting and sculpture and musical elements.

Akira Kurosawa


Created in Paris, Oblikon is a French website specialized in cinema and TV shows. It attracts over a million unique visitors every year. Critics and moviegoers share their opinions, explanations and theories with passion and commitment. Oblikon has worked with key actors of the cinematographic industry like Warner, Disney, Universal, and has collaborated with various festivals around the world : Festival de Cannes, Venice International Film Festival, Deauville American Film Festival, Festival international du film fantastique de Gérardmer…

We are proud to gather one of the largest community of moviegoers and binge-watcher’s in the French-speaking world. With the Oblikon Film Festival we reinforce that position by allowing filmmakers to show their work to the French audience and beyond.



…and other important things to know about Oblikon Film Festival!

  • We are based in Paris, France
  • We watch every movie and web series that we receive
  • We support independent creators and emerging talents

The Oblikon film festival is a competition with an international vision that strives to give exposure to filmmakers and creative teams, worthy of their commitment and talent.

Lots of festivals, especially in France, tend to always select the same films, produced by the same productors, benefiting of the same fundings and public subsidies. Oblikon is 100% independent and will remain so. We select films for their quality and want to promote rising talents and cultural diversity.

We don’t care if you are a beginner, or a professional. We don’t care if your movie is an animated film, a thriller or a comedy, in French, in English or in any other language. We believe that the short format is a gateway to the feature film but also a unique format. Web series offers even more various possibilities than the short, it is therefore essential to give them the focus they deserve in our selection.

The 2020 edition will take place from October 23rd to November 1st 2020! Don’t miss your chance to submit your work: you have until September 20th to register through the FilmFreeway Platform.


We are storytellers, explorers, creators, cultural entrepreneurs, and film enthusiasts fed by a strong desire to question the present and imagine the future.


Christopher Guyon

Festival director

Christopher is a cinema teacher. He has traveled the world to participate in film festivals as a journalist, jury or director. He likes all kinds of movies and is a great fan of Korean cinema.

Favourite film: OldBoy.

Inès Baalouche

Programming director

She has been in charge of writing scripts and stories for English speaking children for three years. Before that she worked on the postproduction of 3D projects in Canada.


Victoire Delhommeau


An actress with a passion for cinema and cartoons, Victoire is an intern working for the festival. She studies communication and writes for blogs.

Favourite film: Madagascar 2.


Lilan Petremann


Lilian is a student in communication. He is passionate about video clips and loves documentary series.

Favourite film: Forrest Gump


Antoine Godbillon

Festival producer

Cinema is a passion and a hobby. For him, sensitivity and emotions are more important than what is technically achieved for a movie. Technicity should be at the service of the story.

Favourite film: Apocalypse Now


Tom Delanoue

Festival producer

For Tom, cinema is a way to escape. He sees cinema above all as a media to tell a story and create worlds. He also cares about filmmaking or photography.

Favorite film: Casablanca.

Last but not least, the other members of the selection committee: Coralie Barroul, Alice Le Floch, Vincent Delmas, Pierrick Lair, Drieli Luz, Elsa Hervio, Eric Godbillon.