Online Screening – Animation competition

On this page, you can discover and enjoy the 14 films selected for the Fiction Competition of the 2021 Oblikon Film Festival Edition. The films are online from June 1st to 13th. Thank you to the 15 filmmakers as well as to all the film teams for their proposals which have charmed the selection committee.

You can also discover 14 films from the Fiction Competition, 13 short films from the Web selection and 4 episodes from the Webseries Competition. Once you’ve finished watching, don’t hesitate to vote for your favorite film in the Audience Award. (Form at the bottom of the page)

Mad Mask Fury Roll – French film directed by Stéphane Berla

Synopsis : Somewhere, at some point, a roll of toilet paper flees from a crowd in need of essential goods, itself pursued by a horde of bloodthirsty viruses.

Deviate – Latvian film directed by Kate Rasa Ozola

Synopsis : Curiosity leads to achievement, achievement leads to innovation, innovation leads to resistance. Someone is suffering.

Catch your heart ! – Taiwanese film directed by Yang, Wan-Jing

Synopsis : There is a doll eager to love in a special claw machine. The doll still believes that a prince will lead her to a wonderful life. However, the person who is interested in her is a girl. So the doll started to fight with the girl not to be caught.

Ebi – Luxembourg film directed by Majorva Sajous

Synopsis : AFRICA – 18th century. Near the shores of Dahomey (Benin), a group of African hunters accompanied by their European sponsors are preparing to attack a village. Sonan and Kemi are brother and sister and live in the same village. Their fate meets that of Teye, one of the African warriors, who must make a choice: capture them or let them go.

How to get you there – Polish film directed by Marcin Jażyński

Synopsis : What are the chances that my brain – independently, without any stimulus from outside – starts to doubt what it has considered until now as the true image of the world?

Painting by numbers – Australian film directed by Radheya Jegatheva

Synopsis : A child’s encounter with classical masterpieces triggers a special reaction.

Inviisible – Taiwanese film directed by Liu, Yu-Hsuan and Hsiao, Sheng-Wen

Synopsis : Wu, Ying-Tsung was born invisible. He lives normally with others, like taking exams and going to work. However, several unexpected things happen in his daily life.

AD 1202 – Croatian film directed by Tomislav Gregl

Synopsis : The siege of Zadar by the crusaders in 1202.

Hannya’s Saber – French film directed by Arthur Domenigoni

Synopsis : A young Japanese martial arts apprentice refuses to obey his master Kuro Washi. He decides to run away with the woman he wants to marry. Master Kuro Washi, filled with fury, decides to murder the apprentice’s wife and flee to the mountains. The young apprentice goes in search of the master in order to find him and kill him.

Heart of gold – French film directed by Simon Filliot


Synopsis : For her son, a poor young mother is forced to sell her organs to a sick old woman. Flesh for gold. Little by little, necessity gives way to greed… By selling her body, she alienates her entire identity.

Irreversible – Taiwanese film directed by Chang, Chiao

Synopsis : A psychologist uses technology to enter the human brain to treat patients. One day, a pregnant woman fell into depression following a tragic event. A few years later, the woman’s symptoms were so severe that she fell into a coma and the psychologist decided to treat her.

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