Online Screening – Fiction competition

On this page, you can discover and enjoy the 14 films selected for the Fiction Competition of the 2021 Oblikon Film Festival Edition. The films are online from June 1st to 13th. Thank you to the 16 filmmakers as well as to all the film teams for their proposals which have charmed the selection committee.

You can also discover 12 films from the Animation Competition, 13 short films from the Web selection and 4 episodes from the Webseries Competition. Once you’ve finished watching, don’t hesitate to vote for your favorite film in the Audience Award. (Form at the bottom of the page)

Pile ou face – French film directed by Carole Bonvalot and Amélie Delloye

Synopsis : Anselme Bonnot flips a coin to make every decision in his life. But why?

St. Honoré – Israelian film directed by Yotam Laor

Synopsis : Within our houses, beneath our clothes and our beautiful possessions hides a wild, impulsive, two-legged beast. One bourgeois dinner with friends gives rise to some of its participants’ suppressions until a total lose of control irrupts.

I am here – French film directed by Stan Amsellem

Synopsis : Paris, March 2020, the hospital is in turmoil. Powerless in the face of his fellow nurses’ disarray, Marc, the hospital’s introverted accountant, feels out of place. He takes advantage of this unprecedented context to regain control of his destiny by bringing his hidden dream to life every night, to bring comfort to all those who enter his game…

Paris 2020 – French film directed by Eva Dray & Liam Masquida

Synopsis : Born in 2050, Ina perfectly embodies the Z generation marked by the second digital revolution. The “PARIS 2020” exhibition plunges her into an immersive fresco of the old days of the capital. During this sensory experience, she has an unexpected encounter full of a new sensuality.

Black Blanc Beur – French film directed by Prïncia Car et Matthieu Ponchel

Synopsis : “Guys, don’t you see ‘Black Blanc Beur’ is racist?”

Babaou – French film directed by Alexandra Mignien

Synopsis : During a game of hide-and-seek in the forest with their fellow scouts, Jules and Chloe will discover that the monsters in the stories told by the fire are not all imaginary.

La nuée – Canadian film directed by Vincent René Lortie

Synopsis : A mysterious figure, grandiose and mythical, comes to turn the world of the protagonists upside down.

Tabu – Austrian film directed by Olga Kosanovic

Synopsis : A hot summer day, a family, a game – what could possibly go wrong?

Prudence – French film directed by Olivier Chateau

Synopsis : In the middle of the night, a woman stops at a rest area. She goes to the toilet. She is not alone…

Blue Paradise – Swiss film directed by Joël Baud

Synopsis : A man meets an amnesiac child on the side of the road.

Hôtel des Grenades – French film directed by Elsa Thomas

Synopsis : Freshly abandoned by her husband, Claudine, mother of two children, holds at arm’s length her hotel, somewhere in the countryside, where everything goes wrong.

Je suis comme le roi – Canadian film directed by Louis St-Pierre

Synopsis : Charles, an unstable young delinquent, returns to his family home in the middle of the night to get revenge on his mother, whom he blames for all his problems.

Il y a quelqu’un chez nous – French film directed by Laurent Firode

Synopsis : A pizza delivery man gets stuck with a blind couple who don’t even know he’s there!

Le grille pain de Madame Grenier – French film directed by Jethro Massey

Synopsis : Mrs. Grenier married her toaster. It’s a happy, precious relationship filled with good memories, but since the toaster doesn’t talk much, she sometimes suffers from loneliness…

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