The 2021 edition is NOW

Initially planned for the beginning of May, this new edition of the Oblikon Film Festival had to be postponed by a few weeks.

From June 01 to June 13, you had the opportunity to discover films online. The screening in Paris is planned for June 19. 

Out of Competition film screened on June 19 at 4pm
Nimic – A short film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos

Oblikon 2021 Winners

Best Fiction Short Film
Prudence, directed by Olivier Chateau

Best Animated Short Film
Un coeur d’or, directed by Simon Fillot

Best web series
Laps, directed by Louise Collaray, Joséphine Habif and Zoé Labasse

Jury Prize – Best French Film
Il y a quelqu’un chez nous, directed by Laurent Firode

Jury Prize – Best International Film
Painting by numbers, directed by Radheya Jegatheva

Audience Award
Presque ami, directed by John Sanz Y Bueno

Best Actor
Frédéric Lavallée in La nuée

Best actress
Emeline Bayart in Hôtel des Grenades

Best Music
Simon Leoza for La nuée

Best Director
Vincent René Lortie for La nuée


Fiction Competition

Short films represent the future in the sense that they are often the first steps of a director. This year, we were particularly enthusiastic to discover the films we received and we decided to select 14 films for the official competition.

Screening and announcement of the winners on May 22 in Paris

Pile ou face – French film directed by Carole Bonvalot and Amélie Delloye
St. Honoré – Israeli film directed by Yotam Laor
I am here – French film directed by Stan Amsellem
Paris 2020 – French film directed by Eva Draye
Black Blanc Beur – French film directed by Prïncia Car and Matthieu Ponchel
Babaou – French film directed by Alexandra Mignien
La nuée – Canadian film directed by Vincent René Lortie
Tabu – Austrian film directed by Olga Kosanovic
Prudence – French film directed by Olivier Chateau
Blue Paradise – Swiss film directed by Joel Baud
Hôtel Grenade – French film directed by Elsa Thomas
Je suis comme le roi – Canadian film directed by Louis St-Pierre
Il y a quelqu’un chez nous – French film directed by Laurent Firode
Le grille pain de Madame Grenier – French film directed by Jethro Massey

14 films sélection Fiction

Animation Competition

Last year, we were only able to select 4 short animation films. This year, we have planned a dedicated screening with 13 films on the program.

Screening and announcement of the winners planned for May 22 in Paris

Mad Mask Fury Roll – French film directed by Stéphane Berla
Deviate – Latvian film directed by Kate Rasa Ozola
Catch your heart ! – Taiwanese film directed by Yang, Wan-Jing
Ebi – Luxembourg film directed by Majorva Sajous
How to get you there – Polish film directed by Marcin Jażyński
Painting by numbers – Australian film directed by Radheya Jegatheva
Inviisible – Taiwanese film directed by Liu, Yu-Hsuan et Hsiao, Sheng-Wen
AD 1202 – Croatian film directed by Tomislav Gregl
The butterfly cage – French film directed by Hélèna Serra et Maxime Sabisik
Hannya’s Saber – French film directed by Arthur Domenigoni
Heart of gold – French film directed by Simon Filliot
Irreversible – Taiwanese film directed by Chang, Chiao
Step into the river – Chinese film directed by Ma Weijia

13 films animation

Webserie Competition

Like last year, we would like to propose Webseries, a format ignored by most French film festivals. This year, we have selected 4 episodes

Online screening scheduled from May 22 to 28

Presque ami – French web series directed by John Sanz y Bueno
Laps – French web series directed by Louise Collaray, Joséphine Ha and Zoé Labasse
Incompleteness – American web series directed by David Ash
Conversations – Spanish web series directed by Tomás Ratón

4 webséries

Online Selection

The choice of the films in competition was very difficult this year. As for the previous edition, we also imagined a web selection gathering the favorites of some members of the selection committee.
All the films screened on our website from May 22 to 28 are eligible for the Audience Award (Web selection and Competition)

Here are the 13 short films selected for this web selection.

Disparue – French film directed by Joan Bentosela
Inhalation – American film directed by Tarik Begic
Checkmate – French film directed by Sarah Vernhes
02:20 – French film directed by Brice Lava
Visions – French film directed by Amande Dionne
Le test – French film directed by Diana Moutou
The undateable G. Gibbs – Australian film directed by Matt Mirams
Welcome back future! – Italian film directed by Alessandro Rocca
Enough – Swedish film directed by Elise Mattisson Chue and Apostolos Vasileiadis
Coffee with exes – American film directed by Brett A. Hart
Far east – French film directed by Delphine Alexandre and Delphine Poudou
Speak for yourself – French film directed by Garcia Marienstras Myriam
Champion – French film directed by Sylvain Begert

13 films web

Partners and sponsors

The Oblikon Film Festival team would like to thank all its partners and sponsors for this 2021 edition.