Online Screening – Web Selection

On this page, you can discover and enjoy the 13 films selected for the Web Selection of the 2021 Oblikon Film Festival Edition. The films are online from June 1st to 13th. Thank you to the 16 filmmakers as well as to all the film teams for their proposals which have charmed the selection committee.

You can also discover 14 films from the Fiction Competition, 12 short films from the Animation Competition and 4 episodes from the Webseries Competition. Once you’ve finished watching, don’t hesitate to vote for your favorite film in the Audience Award. (Form at the bottom of the page)

Disparue – French film directed by Joan Bentosela

Synopsis : It’s time for the family to leave for the weekend: the mother, the father, the children, a well-oiled machine. But everything is not going to go as planned… the time of a car wash.

Link to the film :
Password : oblikon

Inhalation – American film directed by Tarik Begic

Synopsis : A virus has infected the atmosphere, making the planet inhospitable to life, forcing everyone to fend for themselves.

Checkmate – French film directed by Sarah Vernhes

Synopsis : A young woman and an older man undress to convince the other of her truth about love. Where does the game end and reality begin?

02:20 – French film directed by Brice Lava

Synopsis : The French Buddy movie ! “02:20” is a comedy that opposes the ego of 2 generations! All that in 2 minutes 20.

Visions – French film directed by Amande Dionne

Synopsis : Daphne has always suffered from Achromatopsia: she sees in black and white. One day, she decides to order glasses that will allow her to see colors.

Le test – French film directed by Diana Moutou

Synopsis : A young couple, a test, and a result that could change their lives…

Link to the film :
Password : letest2

The undateable G. Gibbs – Australian film directed by Matt Mirams

Synopsis : A first date is fraught with expectations: Will she like me? Will I say the right thing or embarrass myself? Will there be chemistry between us, a spark?

Welcome back future! – Italian film directed by Alessandro Rocca

Synopsis : In the future of the world, there is the Great Recycling: a totalitarian political system that has brought economic revolutions to the continents. An agent for a French clothing brand goes to a toy store to buy a doll for his daughter.

Link to the film :
Password : BF2020

Enough – Swedish film directed by Apostolos Vasileiadis

Synopsis : In a life drawing class, the model struggles to determine who owns her body.

Link to the film :
Password : enough2019

Coffee with exes – American film directed by Brett A. Hart

Synopsis : Jess reconnects with all her exes over several cups of coffee. In the end, she realizes that the real person she was trying to reconnect with was herself.

Link to the film :
Password : CWE

Far Est – French film directed by Delphine Alexandre and Delphine Poudou

Synopsis : At F.A.R. Est, everyone has their place. And we always welcome the new ones with joy.

Link to the film :
Password: oblikon2021

Speak for yourself – French film directed by Garcia Marienstras Myriam

Synopsis : Julie and Laurent are a very happy couple. The only problem is that Laurent is waiting for a desire that Julie no longer feels. A question then troubles her: has she become frigid?

Link to the film:
Password: i3P5f5wpUET8wX3B

Champion – French film directed by Sylvain Begert

Synopsis : Mathieu, an ordinary young father in his forties with a well-ordered life, decides, from one day to the next and for an as yet unknown reason, to take up boxing again and get back into the ring. He is far from having the stature of Mike Tyson and has not put the gloves back on since he was 15 years old… However, he goes for it head on and organizes a confrontation with a professional boxer. The fight is in less than a month.

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