Diffusion en ligne – Compétition Websérie

On this page, you can discover and enjoy the 4 episodes of the Webserie competition of the 2021 Oblikon Film Festival Edition. The films are online from June 1st to 13th. Thank you to the 6 filmmakers as well as to all the teams for their proposals which have charmed the selection committee.

You can also discover 14 films from the Fiction Competition, 12 short films from the Animation Competition and 13 films of the Web Selection. Once you’ve finished watching, don’t hesitate to vote for your favorite film in the Audience Award. (Form at the bottom of the page)

Presque ami – French Webserie directed by John Sanz y Bueno

Synopsis : Mickaël has just left his permanent job to become an actor. In order to keep his large apartment, he absolutely must find a roommate. A news crew decides to film his adventure. But they soon realize that what Mickaël is looking for is more than just a roommate, it’s a best friend. And for that, Mickaël does not hesitate to disguise himself and to make his pretenders roommates pass different tests. With the help of his sister Lily and his acting coach Francis, Mickaël will realize that his worst enemy is himself.

Laps – French Webserie directed by Louise Collaray, Joséphine Habif and Zoé Labasse

Synopsis : Stolen moments in the night of December 31 to January 1.

Incompleteness – American Webserie directed by David Ash

Synopsis : A workaholic news editor learns he is dying and devotes the last days of his life to making a film about the meaning of life for his estranged wife and their unborn son.

Lien vers l’épisode : https://vimeo.com/464963083
mdp : kg1

Conversationes – Spanish Webserie directed by Tomás Ratón

Synopsis : “Conversations” has eight chapters and each one has two key protagonists who from a problem or event that happens in their lives have a conversation that is related to what happened and will make them reflect on what they experienced and how they feel. Although each chapter has two protagonists and although the chapters can be considered independent and self-concluding, all the characters are connected in some way.

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